Welcome to Cystron

Our Facility located in Hyderabad, India is built as per FDA Norms and is WHO-GMP, cGMP and ISO Certified.

Welcome to Cystron

We are one of the largest manufacturers of oral solid dosage semi formulations like Pellets, Micro Pellets & Granules.

Welcome to Cystron

With a unique focus on NDDS technology, Cystron Pharma is into development & manufacturing of niche molecules.

Welcome to Cystron

We have been consistently recognised by our customers for exceptional outcomes, quality deliverables, prices & services.

Welcome to Cystron

With a separate R&D, Pilot scale & Production modules we have pioneered the art of scaling up in pre formulation intermediates.

About Us

Established in the year 2017, Cystron Pharma is into Manufacturing and CRAMS of Ready-to fill Pharmaceutical Semi Finished Formulations. With a separate R&D, Pilot-scale and Production areas, Cystron is one of the largest Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers in INDIA.

  • Our Facility located in Hyderabad, India is built as per FDA Norms and is WHO-GMP, cGMP and ISO Certified.
  • To cater multiple products at a time we have designed different modules of production
  • We have a wide variety of food grade products on offering
  • We also make custom made semi formulations based on customers individual requirements.
  • Cystron's quality policy is committed to manufacture zero defect products by implementing strict controls to ensure adherence to all applicable International and National standards

Our Products


S. No. Name of the product
1 Alphalipoic Acid Granules / Pellets
2 Carbonyl Iron Pellets
3 Dried Ferrous Sulphate & Folic Acid Pellets
4 Dried Ferrous Sulphate Pellets
5 Ferous Fumarate, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate, Folic Acid, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-B12 Blended Pellets
6 Ferrous Bisglycinate Pellets
7 Folic Acid Pellets
8 Ferrous Fumarate Pellets
9 Ferrous Glycine Sulphate EC Pellets
10 K2 MK7 Menaquinone Microencapsulated Granules
11 Pancreatin Pellets
12 Peppermint Oil Pellets
13 Protease Granules
14 Psyllium husk pellets
15 Serratiopeptidase Pellets
16 Vitamin - C Pellets
17 Vitamin - B6 Pellets
18 Vitamin - B12 Pellets
19 Vitamins and Minerals premix
20 Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Pellets


S.No Product Name Release Type
1 Alphalipoic Acid Granules / Pellets Immediate Release(IR)
2 Atorvastatin Pellets Immediate Release(IR)
3 Clopidogrel Pellets Immediate Release(IR)
4 Dexlansoprazole Pellets Dual Delayed Release (DDR)/EC
5 Domperidone Pellets Immediate Release(IR) & Sustained Release (SR)
6 Duloxetine Pellets Delayed Release
7 Esomeprazole Pellets/MUPS Enteric Coated (EC) / Delayed Release(DR)
8 Itraconazole Pellets Immediate Release(IR)
9 Lansoprazole Pellets / MUPS Enteric Coated(EC)
10 Mebeverine Pellets Sustained Release (SR)
11 Metoprolol Succinate Pellets / MUPS Sustained Release (SR)
12 Nifedipine Pellets Extended Release(ER)
13 Omeprazole Pellets / MUPS Enteric Coated(EC)
14 Orlistat Pellets Immediate Release(IR)
15 Pancreatin Pellets/Granules Enteric Coated(EC)
16 Pantoprazole Pellets / MUPS Enteric Coated(EC)
17 Rabeprazole Sodium Pellets / MUPS Enteric Coated(EC)
18 Rosuvastatin Pellets Immediate Release(IR)
19 Tamsulosin HCL Pellets Sustained Release (SR)
20 Venlafaxine HCL SR Pellets Sustained Release (SR)

Plant Infrastructure

ISO-8 classification cleanrooms

Wurster Fluid Bed Coaters

Purified water system with SS 316L Piping

Oil and Moisture free compressed Air supply

250 KV Generator as backup power

Manufacturing Capacity up to 40 MT / Month

Eco friendly plant with a builtup of 25,000 Sq.Ft

Cold Room Storage Facility For Raw Material

Fully Functional QC lab with Waters HPLC systems

Fully equipped R&D facility

Separate module for Food and dietary supplements

24/7 UPS backup to Lab and essential areas

6 Separate Modules for different products

Stability Chambers with stand by conditions is equipped with 10 Kv backup generator

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